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My Story & Healing Journey

Through a life long love of music and sound; and through my own health crisis/healing journey; I began using sound/music to heal myself, as well as additional natural alternative methods. As a natural born healer and a highly multi-sensory spiritual intuitive, I have created healing at multiple levels within my own life; as well as assisting others in their own healing journeys.


Born in Rochester, N.Y. and raised in Richmond, Virginia; I relocated (end of 2017) and currently reside in Ypsilanti/Ann Arbor, MI. I earned a B.A. in psychology from Mary Baldwin College located in Stanton, Virginia, and  I am an avid life long learner.

I have worked for the last 5 1/2 years in a professional setting doing group work and working privately with individuals. I have experience in both pre-op and post-op in-patient/out-patient care, as well as experience spending time offering my services in a nursing home setting.


I also have experience in leading experiential sound healing meditation classes with children and leading educational workshops with adults. I also have experience doing healing work with animals, (our pets need healing too) and land healing.


I also tour offering both traditional music concerts and sound healing concerts for churches of various denominations and within the greater community.


My ability to create sound scapes and music transcends the confines of all religions and cultures..., it is Universal/highly spiritual and for all people and all ages.

We are literally made up of vibrating (sound frequencies) energy. When we move out of our natural state of balance & health, the various naturally resonating frequencies within our bodies have become altered.


Certain frequencies can become too high, or too low, and sometimes certain frequencies can be missing all together. The goal of using sound healing as a healing modality is to create or restore these frequencies within the physical body, mental, or ethereal bodies.


Sound is also used to move negative (static) energy out, or to move energy that is stuck or moving too slowly/fast.


In my practice my goal is to work together with the client and with Spirit to facilitate the highest good/outcome for the client's situation. I find that combining both sound and hands on when working privately enhances the healing experience for the client. Both techniques can be used together or alone  effectively in the process.


Group work, or performance concerts, can aid in both individual healing, as well as group healing; raising the overall vibrational consciousness of the group, strengthening group cohesiveness, and assisting in the manifestation of a groups' intentions/goals.

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